Lane Kiffin Has Fantastic Answer When Asked If He'd Coach The Jets
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On Wednesday, Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin was asked if he'd take the New York Jets head coaching job if it was offered to him. His response...
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New York Jets coach Adam Gase is on the hottest of hot seats.

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user avatar
TheFlyingTiger41 months
looks like he ate lane kiffin
user avatar
Filmat1141 months
Has Lane gotten up to 3 bills, or does he only have the jowls of someone weighing 3 bills?
user avatar
ODP41 months
Kiffin, you fat dawg!
user avatar
200MPHCOBRA41 months
Did he get bit in the neck by a snake?
user avatar
Fightin Okra41 months
Man, he has put on the pounds
user avatar
tigergirl1041 months
Wow, he used to be a decent looking man.
user avatar
PorkDawg41 months
somewhere Jets fans are rejoicing
user avatar
GaTiger2741 months
user avatar
DeltaTigerDelta41 months
Looks like he gained all that Leach lost.
user avatar
Hangit41 months
It looks like Joey Bongwater has the munchies on a regular basis.
user avatar
SmelvinRat41 months
Snacking on prednisone..
user avatar
Blizzard of Chizz41 months
Looks like Lane is ready to pick up where fat Bert left off
user avatar
1941 months
really...need his head farked onto bert falling down. Truth.
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