Janarius Robinson, a defensive end for the Raiders, has reportedly been accused of hitting a woman with his car while in Las Vegas during Super Bowl week. He was reportedly arrested for an alleged DUI during Super Bowl week. Per KLAS...

Around 7 a.m., police were called to the Aria Resort & Casino for a report of a woman who was hit by a car and who then “became pinned between two cars,” police said.

The car’s driver, whom police identified as Robinson, smelled of alcohol and appeared intoxicated, officers said, noting “his speech was mumbled and his body was slightly swaying side to side.”
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Hangit9 days
They neglected to say whose fault it was. Did she jump in front of him? Was there video of the incident?
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Randolphre9 days
I'm going to go out on a limb and say the drunk driver may have been at fault.
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BobABooey9 days
I bet she stands during the Black National Anthem next time!
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“became pinned between two cars,”
That’s not good. The Raiders are a POS organization, and they deserve being the Chiefs’ bitches
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