Erin Andrews Shares What Game She Was Most Excited For Ever
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FOX's Erin Andrews has seen her fair share of great games. Last month, she was asked by Jalen Rose in a story for the New York Post what was the most excited she’s ever been for a game?

“Maybe just because it’s fresh in my mind, [Tom] Brady going to Lambeau [Field] to take on [Aaron] Rodgers when Rodgers is having an MVP season. I mean, I was freaking pumped … I was raised a Packers fan … I don’t know how it gets any better than that. Two future Hall of Famers and going head- to-head to go the Super Bowl. Holy cow,” Andrews told Rose.
Lame answer.

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I thought her favorite game was spin the bottle.
Reply22 days
The best game she was involved in was peekaboo through the peephole
Reply22 days
This is the hard hitting journalism I come to this site for.
Reply22 days
She smashed both that's why!
Reply22 days
Reply22 days
I once had a conversation with Laura Rutledge on Erin Andrews. This was back when Laura was a senior at Florida and Erin was still with ESPN. According to her, Erin knows very little about any sports she covers and relies on others to tell her what to say.
Reply22 days
Nonsense. Erin has always been good at it. She was better when she was younger. She was impressive and for a period of time and was the best female analyst around early on during a time that females in sports reporting were not respected. She knew her stuff and she had her own ideas. Men felt threatened by her. Erin broke through a lot of barriers because she knew her stuff, not because she was a prop. Laura McKeeman, on the other hand, is one of the best regardless of gender. She's only gotten better. When she was only on the web, I thought, wow, she is going somewhere. If she were a stock, I would invest a ton and be rich some day.
22 days
Also, when Laura was a senior at Florida, Erin had already left ESPN.
22 days
Wow, Erin, show us moar!
Reply22 days
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