Former NFL QB Cam Newton has apologized for his role in a brawl that took place during a seven-on-seven tournament he was involved with at a high school earlier this week...
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soccerfüt2 months
Weak sauce. “It shouldn’t have been called.” So to him it’s still someone else’s fault.
He needs Jesus bad.
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Nole Man2 months
Manned up at least. Many don't own their behavior.
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tucoco2 months
What is it with this dude and safari hats??
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cajunmud2 months
Now he's got the sun roof in his hat closed.
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pecot2 months
He is a complete embarrassment
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Bayou Bastard2 months
He’s looking like a black Johnny Depp.
user avatar
jatilen2 months
His hat game is unmatched
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Ssubba2 months
"I apologize" *takes a hit from blunt*
user avatar
Crimson1st2 months
“It’s an ongoing investigation!”
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cypresstiger2 months
lifetime of doing dumb things followed by "My bad"
user avatar
PureBlood2 months
He's got dat privilege.
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ALhunter2 months
Actually a solid and well spoken response.
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