Add J.J. Redick to the list of people disappointed in Zion Williamson not taking his weight and career seriously...
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KING NOLA3 months
It’s funny how one game change the entire narrative surrounding Zion. Now, before that semi game the talk was BI and Zion has finally started clicking and they figured it out and working well together. And yes that game was the worst sporting event I ever witness and I lived through the Ditka Saints era. Zion did look slow, uninterested, and out of shape, hell the whole fricken team looked uninterested and that blame lays squarely at the feet of Coach Green for not having his players ready to play this game at a playoff level. The Lakers came ready to win a championship and we didn’t, we looked at this game as just a reg. season game and we got our asses handed to us, that ish was so damn embarrassing, but Zion will be fine, this was a lesson well learned and it will benefit us come playoff time.
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Hoovertigah3 months
If Jamarcus Russell and Ben Simmons had a son.
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GeauxTigers01073 months
The truth is a mfer
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TC Kidd3 months
It’s unreal that hundreds of millions of dollars won’t motivate this fat frick.
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CDawson3 months
If he had to earn that money maybe it would. He doesn't, it given to him on "upside" and talent alone.
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Tshiz3 months
You’ve got that wrong. It’s motivating him for Al the wrong reasons. Fat frick
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Strannix3 months
He's a bum and a bust.
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