J.J. Redick Criticizes Pelicans Front Office For Trading Him To Mavericks
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The New Orleans Pelicans traded veteran sharpshooter J.J. Redick to the Dallas Mavericks at the trading deadline instead of Brooklyn, which is where everyone assumed he would land. J.J. wasn't too happy about that and shared the ins and outs of the trade on his Old Man & The Three podcast...

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The reasons for me to not watch NBA just keep piling up.
Reply6 months
Oh boo hoo
Reply6 months
I am so sorry the millions are not enough to afford a private jet membership to do what the hell he wants. Meet your family at a neutral site.
Reply6 months
Meh, maybe a team of his liking should have offered more. Maybe he should have retired. Sounds like he shouldn't have signed with the Pelicans in the first place.
Reply6 months
What if Brooklyn didn’t want you? Plus the Pelicans own your rights. They have every right and obligation to get the best value for their assets. Holy shite at the self entitlement of these NBA players.
Reply6 months
frick OFF JJ...all that boo hoo shite about seeing his family. There are plenty of working class people that don't get to see their families much because of their jobs. Eat a dick you clown
Reply6 months
Give the guy a break. He's probably tired of paying other guys to keep his wife company while he's away.
Reply6 months
frick him
Reply6 months
What a woke little baby. Boohoo, the world owes me something because I am woke and entitled. Grow up. Bitching because you get paid millions to play a game in a city you did not want to be in reeks of spoiled entitlement. What a twat.
Reply6 months
Boo fricking hoo. Why didn't you just quit and not make them "buy you out" Because your a spoiled bitch whose all about money. And trying to sneak back there to have a shot at titles.
Reply6 months
Typical whiny liberal #poorjj
Reply6 months
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