Sounds Like Michigan AD Is Very Happy With Jim Harbaugh As Coach For A Long Time
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I think Wolverines fans would have a good argument as to whether Jim Harbaugh has really done anything at Michigan as of yet. He's 28-6 since arriving with zero College Football Playoff appearances. Athletic director Warde Manuel doesn't sound too concerned, in fact it sounds like Harbaugh isn't going anywhere for a long time if he chooses to stay, per Detroit Free-Press...

“I love my coaches across the board, love those two guys (Harbaugh and Beilein) in particular,” Manuel said. “I’m extremely pleased with where we are from a staffing standpoint. Jim and John are two people that I would love to see retire at this institution (when they) retire from coaching.”
You think he's the right guy for the Wolverines or overrated?

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Les Miles would be a major improvement for Michigan.
Reply3 days
3 days
Baseball coach fricked
Reply4 days
Been a Michigan supporter since 1980 - Who will we get that is better? Harbaugh will never be as good as Saban or Meyer. That is fine. Every 5 years, he will get a sweet team...maybe Beilein I am okay with this. It Beats the alternative since 1997
Reply4 days
You sound like a beaten woman, Clare.
3 days
starsandstripes04 You sound like a beaten woman, Clare. FU
2 days
Do they know Les is still available?
Reply4 days
Y’all remember when folks on this site used to argue Jim Harbaugh was a better coach than Nick Saban? Lol at those dumbasses
Reply4 days
Your hmmm part is the epitome of clickbait. Screw you
Reply4 days
Where’s the hmmm?
Reply4 days
He will stay in Michigan as long as the money continues to flow in.
Reply4 days
I hope he stays forever
Reply4 days
Im a fan of Harbaugh staying forever. We love you Jim!!!
4 days
Miles will replace him soon! He’s got the chest to compete in great contests!
Reply4 days
I have the want to see him there.
4 days
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