ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit Did Something Awesome For An Indiana Little League team Yesterday
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A Little League in Indiana was recently robbed of its equipment. So, the league set up a GoFundMe to raise money to replace the thousands of dollars worth of equipment that was stolen...

“Last night, our little league was robbed. Someone broke into the storage facility and took thousands of dollars worth of equipment. This obviously is a major hit to our little league, our overall baseball program, and our community. I am looking to raise $5,000 to replace all the stolen equipment, which included 12 sets of new catcher’s gear, bats, and various other baseball and facility equipment. (Anything beyond would all go to the little league to help support the children in our programs),” the league wrote.

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit steppend in to see what he could do...

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"Kirk Herbstreit steppend in " never change Larry...
Reply1 month
He's had his moments, but I do like Kirk. I'm sure that's not popular among my LSU brethren.
Reply1 month
He is not a bad guy. He has spoken poorly of LSU many times over the years so he deserves a good kick in the balls. The "Miles to Michigan, Book it" thing was lacking integrity and showed poor journalism skills.
1 month
Its good they have the funds now. They should maintain a surplus now instead of purchasing 12 sets of catchers gear.
Reply1 month
Rich people should do this more often.
Reply1 month
ya know not everyone that donates to a needy cause is 'rich'. at least in regard to finances. overall it is the less fortunate who give to charity than those with deep pockets.
1 month
Lol “let me know what I can do” Did he not see the gofundme ??
Reply1 month
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