Sometimes when you make it easy for everyone, you're making it way harder on yourself. Case in point, University of South Dakota...

The drive back from Bozeman, Mont., for a group of North Dakota State football fans included a look ahead to the following weekend. The dramatic 35-34 win over Montana State advanced NDSU to the quarterfinals this Saturday at the University of South Dakota.

A friend in Rian Nostrum’s car suggested when ordering tickets on the USD ticket sales website that they use a password “playoffs,” which was buzzing around phones and message boards in this day and age of instant communication.

“It didn’t require any credentials,” Nostrum said. “You can buy tickets and you can buy as many as you want.”

NDSU fan George Vinson bought tickets, had his credit card charged and made travel plans to Vermillion, S.D.

“I entered the code and bought like everyone else,” he said.

Later, however, Vinson received an email from the USD ticket office saying his tickets were canceled, with the message “the presale is for season ticket holders and (H)owling (P)ack members only.”

USD director of ticket sales and operations Adam Riley said it was clear on the order form that tickets were for Howling Club members only.

"The code got out, whether it's our fans or somebody out there who shared the code with NDSU fans," Riley said. "NDSU fans went on there and bought tickets. It lets them, but it says in there it's for Howling Pack members."
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soccerfüt3 months
I’ll wager Larry’s password is “p-a-s-s-w-o-r-d”.
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LSUAlum20013 months
It's what an idiot uses for his luggage!
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kciDAtaE3 months
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cajunmud3 months
I hope it's a sellout.
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TommyDaTiger3 months
Larry didn’t your dad buy tickets? I bet this is killing him ole baw!
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