Pearl Jam dedicated a performance of "Man of The Hour" to the recently deceased Bill Walton during a concert at Seattle's Climate Pledge Arena on Tuesday...
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ROPO1 month
A fitting tribute to a larger than life personality. Walton was verbose, sometimes incoherent but always smiling. Seemed from a distance like a great guy and sorry to see him pass.
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BurrowToChase2 months
Climate Pledge arena. lol. What a shithole city equally stupid people. Liberalism is a mind virus
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cajunmud2 months
Climate/'s a scam folks. The criminal banksters/elites have devised a way to charge us for the air we breathe! It doesn't get much more evil than that. I have to pay them because I exist? As they continue to skim $trillions off the world's economy.
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Skinny2 months
This is not a TV studio, Josh! Turn these lights out! This is a fukking rock concert!
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Aztecray52 months
Sat on row behind me at oldies concert San Diego, brought his own chair and sat in aisle so he would not block anyone. Was a regular riding his bike through the park in San Diego. He will be missed!
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GeauxtigersMs362 months
He loved people, the dead and basketball.
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Bayou2 months
BW was always a hippie but a very cordial person. His memory will never fade. Good dude.
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