European Basketball Coach Says Michael Jordan Would Be An Ordinary Player If He Played In Europe
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International basketball coach Bozidar Maljkovic has maybe the hottest take of all-time by saying Michael Jordan would've been just an ordinary Joe if he played in Europe...

In Jeff Pearlman’s book “Three-Ring Circus: Kobe, Shaq, Phil, and the Crazy Years of the Lakers Dynasty,” Salley noted that Maljkovic’s controversial opinion about Jordan was one reason why his international career ended in quick fashion.

“Salley tells that as soon as they were introduced, Maljkovic told him that Michael Jordan (with whom the power forward had just been champion) was ‘an ordinary player’ and that ‘in Europe, he would average 16 points per game.’ At that time, according to this book, Salley had it clear: ‘There I saw that it would last a short time there.’ It was, finally, seven weeks.

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Pshh.. Jordan would hang 60 a night through a euro league.
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Keep in mind, the NBA refs did allow Jordan an extra step which they never called and I witnessed times when he started a drive to the basket and refs blew a whistle to call a foui before ANY contact...just saying...
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This coach must have been born after 1998...... The Dream Team would lay the wood to the Euro team(s) during the Olympics. Jordan would avg 10-15+ more points per game playing in that shitty league.
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This is along the lines of when Stan Musial was asked how he would hit against Roger Clemens (who was in his prime). Musial said "I'd probably hit around .270 against him". "Only .270?" the interviewer asked. "Well, I'm 75 years old" replied Musial.
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That was Ty Cobb that said that...
1 month
As Tiger said below, that was Ty Cobb.
1 month
Ty Cobb might have said that, buy not about Roger Clemens. Ty died in 1961.
1 month
He would be----NOW.
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Apparently, the opinion was many years ago yet this article makes it sound as if the guy said it yesterday.
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