The MLB will take us to the future at this year's All-Star Game...
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Shaq4prez4 days
kill it. That robot is taking a job away from someone.
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summersausage4 days
Precisely measures out overpriced pours. Probably less than a shot or two. Would rather the human shot.
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Timeoday4 days
People have no problem being spied on the moment they enter Texas Stadium. Yep, they know who you are as soon as you enter. Oh, that's right, we had to give that up to protect us from ourselves.
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soccerfüt4 days
Opens up exposure form the aspect that a robot can’t discern whether a patron has already been over served.
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Tiger Ike4 days
Coming to a McDonald's near you.
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YStar4 days
People don't want to work these jobs and complain about wages? They're making a solution that will save us business owners money. In the future though the same people will riot because the job market will retract.... they won't take responsibility for it though
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That MFer better not ask me for a tip.
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SDVTiger4 days
Lmao :cheers:
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