SEC Network Sideline Reporter Alyssa Lang Ate Banana In Honor of Kentucky QB Will Levis
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports
Kentucky QB Will Levis has an odd way of eating bananas. On Saturday night, SEC Network Sideline Reporter Alyssa Lang paid tribute to him with a bite of her own...
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PhilK31 months
Now if she put the whole thing in her mouth and pulled it out with the peel gone we would have something worth posting.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun31 months
When can do this with a Vienna sausage, she can call me.
user avatar
LSUtoBOOT31 months
That ain’t the first banana with the skin on that she’s eaten.
user avatar
eddieray31 months
She’s hot-ish
user avatar
Cowboyfan8931 months
So just because some goofy farm boy from Kentucky doesn't know how to eat a banana, we are making fools of ourselves now?
user avatar
kyrik9231 months
Levis is a Penn St transfer who grew up in CT. Smart kid who already finished a finance degree. Not to knock Kentucky farmboys, and the banana thing is effed up
user avatar
Tiger in Texas31 months
She's cute that's all that matters...
user avatar
BowDownToLSU31 months
She’s a spitter for sure
user avatar
FowlGuy31 months
You’re holding it the wrong way baby
user avatar
vuvuzela31 months
she said she was going to eat it weird because "you know"... wonder what she is referring to?
user avatar
LSU FSU Grad31 months
Um, that's not how you do it Alyssa.
user avatar
soccerfüt31 months
She could do better. I’ve got a live banana for her to practice on.
user avatar
nol1wph31 months
All these chicks eating bananas on tv yesterday…
user avatar
SECdragonmaster31 months
Too much teeth.
user avatar
Wavefan31 months
Not what I was hoping to see
user avatar
kywildcatfanone31 months
I guess taking a bite out of the side is okay, just looks odd.
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