Georgia head coach Kirby Smart revealed that he nearly reached his breaking point last June because of how exhausting his schedule was and considered stepping down...
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lockthevaught21 months
This shows truly how legendary Saban is. Man does it year after year.
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jnethe121 months
I’m away from my family often times without any communication at all for weeks. He needs to understand how blessed he his.
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John Gotti21 months
How very Urban of him.
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tigerfan8421 months
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PorkDawg21 months
I feel horrible for the stress that a guy making $7M a year has to endure. How could they ever do that year after year??
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Datbayoubengal21 months
I used to feel like this, then I realized, that you can give somebody a billion dollars and they'd still break under too much pressure. That shows you that the guy was truly dedicated and it wasn't just about the money. A guy all about the money wouldn't have put a championship level program together as fast as he did.
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TouchdownTony21 months
He'll go about 2 more years. Same thing happened with Ara. 7 or 8 years at ND and he just said I'm done. I was thinking of becoming a coach when I go done with school and my head coach said, no you don't. He then said, ok, report here at 6 am Monday and we'll let you work with the TE's. I got home at 12:30 that night. I asked one of the coaches how often we stayed that many hours and he said not many, we usually stay until about 2 AM except on sundays when we get here at about 8 and stay until 10PM. I was out.
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Luke21 months
Go ahead…
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