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Former Georgia defensive lineman Jalen Carter has reportedly returned to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis after he was arrested on Wednesday.

Carter, one of the top prospects in the NFL Draft, was originally in Indianapolis earlier this week before a warrant for his arrest was issued by the Athens Police for his involvement in the fatal car crash that took the lives of his teammate Devin Willock and Georgia recruiting staffer Chandler LeCroy on Jan. 15. Per ESPN:

Carter, one of the top prospects in next month's NFL draft, returned to the combine to finish interviews with teams and measurements, among other activities, the source said. He had not been expected to participate in workouts at the combine even before his arrest Wednesday.

He was booked on the pair of misdemeanors at 11:33 p.m. ET Wednesday and released at 11:49 p.m. after posting a $4,000 bail, according to online records. An arraignment hearing in the case was set for April 18.

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SkintBack12 months
Bruce Pearl is really upset over this
user avatar
southsidedell12 months
The amount of people that thought he was gonna be undrafted or fall is hilarious. Dude is an asset.
user avatar
CallmeSteveo12 months
Damn that must be white privilege
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Timeoday12 months
Booked on misdemeanors is a pretty soft charge for driving wrecklessly and causing two people lose their lives.
user avatar
Lark22512 months
He is an investment to nfl teams...I doubt he spends 1 night in jail over this
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