Scary scene at Wilkesboro Dragway in North Carolina over the weekend when a car lost control and crashed into spectators, leaving a woman with serious injuries...


Amber was struck by the car -- and quite honestly, it's a miracle she's alive.

"As soon as it did hit me, I guess I fell on the ground -- I blacked out, so I don’t know exactly," Amber told FOX 8.

Medical personnel raced over to provide first aid -- including securing her neck in a stabilizing brace.

She was later rushed to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for treatment on her badly broken right arm.

"Her arm is broken in four places and broke her knuckle," Amber's sister explained on a GoFundMe page she started to help with medical costs.

Garner is expected to undergo at least 2 surgeries to repair the damage -- but again, it's amazing she wasn't more seriously hurt.

As for the driver of the Mustang, that person is reportedly fine -- suffering no injuries in the wreck.
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Her arm was, like, seriously broken, y’all.
Reply1 month
Was a woman seriously injured or was everyone ok? Asking for a Larry...
Reply2 months
really ought be more careful
Reply2 months
Stage 2 Coyote?
Reply2 months
Was that Dominator?
Reply2 months
No. Sammy from TKM Performance driving Conebread's car. Yes, that's how Conebread spells his it. And they both work at TKM btw.
2 months
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