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The Florida Gators landed a big transfer this week in former five-star Georiga linebacker Brenton Cox. Per Yahoo Sports:

Days after he put his name in the transfer portal after he was reportedly dismissed from Georgia, Cox has transferred to Florida. The move was first reported by Rivals’ Gators Territory on Friday and he’s now listed as part of Florida’s roster.

Per, Cox was dismissed from the Bulldogs on Sunday. He had been arrested in April for misdemeanor marijuana possession and was facing a team suspension, though it wasn’t known what, if anything, that had to do with his dismissal.
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Dan Mullen is a scumbag; this makes sense, re: Dillon Day
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Long Dawg55 months
Brenton Cox is a 5-star talent with a 1-star attitude and work ethic. Hope this is his wake-up call. He was a cancer at UGA, maybe with less competition at UF he will buy in.
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GoldenDawg55 months
Florida = the New Auburn. Zero standards. Congrats gators.
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JackieTreehorn55 months
Sounds like Spurriers old Georgia quote is still relevant: I always liked playing Georgia the second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players kicked off or suspended.
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Cobb Dawg55 months
That was then. This is now.
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Jaydeaux55 months
Merlins dont GAF. This is child’s play compared to what he’s ok with
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AndyWoods55 months
I bet he thinks he will be able to beat UGA to make it "fair". Good luck, young man.
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