According to a report from, an Atlanta-area court awarded former NFL star Bo Jackson
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According to a report from, an Atlanta-area court awarded former NFL star Bo Jackson a $21 million payment following a civil suit accusing his own niece and nephew of extortion. In April Jackson filed a civil suit against Thomas Lee Anderson and Erica M. Anderson, his niece and nephew, accusing them of “relentless harassment and intimidation.”

According to the lawsuit filed by Jackson through his Marietta, Ga., attorneys, the Andersons — one of whom lives in Cobb County and the other in Texas — attempted to extort $20 million from Jackson in exchange for not publicly disclosing information that would cast him “in a false light” and cause “severe emotional distress.”
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Scottnick23 days
So sorry
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Delmore24 days
Like they have 21 million to pay him
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cajunmud24 days
Is this before or after the criminal trial?

Good luck collecting.
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Sofaking224 days
Maybe the point was to keep the family from trying to extort him?
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Can’t speak on this but about 15 or 20 years ago he used to come into a restaurant I worked at late at night with an attractive female and dine in a private room. Of course he stopped coming in when one of the dumbass servers hit him up for an autograph.
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danilo24 days
More money, more problems
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GoldenDawg24 days
His family probably has a short video of Herschel kicking his @ss. Bo doesn't care, because he realizes everyone knows Herschel can kick his @ss, so he filed suit.
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WTFhappened24 days
You misspelled "kissing".
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KING NOLA23 days
Herschel is way to f’ing dumb to kick anybody’s arse.
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Rex Feral23 days
King Noodle doesn’t get out much.
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Rex Feral24 days
Did they have pictures of him without his shirt on?
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