Yes, These Bama Fans On ESPN’s College GameDay Have An Elephant Statue In Their Home
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
This year's ESPN’s College GameDay is taking their show from the stadium into fans' homes. And thank goodness, otherwise we would've never see the elephant statue in this Alabama family's living room...
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NPComb41 months
LSU is not a rival is it gumps?
user avatar
TexasTiger8941 months
Gumps gonna Gump
user avatar
CajunBullet41 months
That is what Alabama Elephant fans do. "Low Tide"!
user avatar
Drizzt41 months
There isn’t a college degree in that house
user avatar
athenslife10141 months
True, but that’s also a nice house
user avatar
Crimson1st41 months
With the fringe BS being cranked out of Universities these days, might soon be speaking higher of one's intellect to avoid them and save the tuition.
user avatar
SECdragonmaster41 months
That is an old Dad for all those young kids. He must have really put the STD in Stud.
user avatar
Hangit41 months
His sister is behind the sign so we have no way of rating her tits.
user avatar
El Magnifico41 months
Looks like LSU is still living rent free in their heads
user avatar
Jedi41 months
Got nothing on big lee —rip
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