Why Wasn't Alabama LB Reuben Foster Invited To This Year's NFL Draft?
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Alabama LB Reuben Foster will not be in attendance at the NFL Draft on Thursday night because of an incident that happened at the NFL Combine.

Per ESPN's Katherine Terrell...

Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster was not invited to attend the 2017 NFL draft because of an incident at the NFL scouting combine in March, according to a league source.

The league declined to comment on Monday.

Foster is a potential top-10 pick in the draft.

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Jwils82 months
Riveting story. So many facts!
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crimsonsaint82 months
No shite Sherloc, err Larry.
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Black n Gold82 months
Does your computer not have spell/grammar check?
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TheWalrus82 months
Katherine Terrell is an LSU grad, csb
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Tiger198882 months
Mary Jane.
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Strannix82 months
There's no place for Saban's roided out uncontrolled thugs at the draft
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CaptainBrannigan82 months
The league did not want to shell out the cash for a retard to English translator. Who is going to draft this obvious bust I the top 10?
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