On the All Things Covered podcast with Vikings DB Patrick Peterson, Urban Meyer told a story from 1990 when he called Nick Saban's house looking for a coaching job....

“I called his home, and Terry Saban answered the phone and I put on a 30-minute recruiting speech and I remember her saying, ‘Yeah, I can’t wait for him to talk to you,'” Meyer said. “Terry Saban will still laugh about that because she – I had her (won) over, I was coming to Toledo.”

Meyer recalled that he was at Illinois State making about $10,000 a year and, “I thought I might as well take a run at it, but about 3 weeks later I got hired at Colorado State and it all worked out.”
Jump to the 8:00 mark...

(Saturday Down South)
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GumplandTiger13 months
Talks about finding Burrow at 16:30. That’s the good part of this video.
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AtlantaLSUfan13 months
“Burrow wasn’t a recruit, had maybe 2 offers”
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TNoon13 months
Why was he on the phone with the coaches wife for 30 min?
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ThatTahoeOverThere13 months
Explaining to her how to hike the football
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Mr Happy13 months
I wonder if Urban would be interested in coaching LSU men's basketball. He could probably figure it out.
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EulerRules13 months
Nick didn't want him anywhere near his wife.
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Rex Feral13 months
I think Nick's wife is too old for CUM's tastes.
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POTUS202413 months
"And that's when I decided I would sabotage the best roster in the history of college football, in 2009, and kickstart the Saban dynasty."
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JackieTreehorn13 months
“And that’s when I learned that fake heart attacks pay off.”
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