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Alabama head coach Nick Saban spoke with ESPN last week and said he wants to play an "all-Power 5 schedule", something he was petitioned for in the past.

"I've always said, 'Let's play all Power 5 games,'" Saban told ESPN on Friday. "I was in the NFL where we played all the games against NFL teams. But let's play at least 10 Power 5 games. It would be better for the players, better for the fans, and I think you wouldn't have to worry that if you lost a game that you wouldn't have as much of a chance to still be in [the College Football Playoff]. They talk about strength of schedule now, but how do you really evaluate that?"

With growing concern about declining college football attendance numbers, Saban said it's time the sport starts thinking more about the fans.

"We have to have a good show if we want people to come," Saban said.
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Like him or hate him....he’s right ya know.
Reply3 days
He's full of shite. His schedule is so tailor made that the only has tough games back to back are the Iron Bowl and SECCCG. Be a leader you little bastard, and schedule an All power 5 schedule, or shut the frick up.
Reply4 days
not to mention that any team in his conference that proves to be a challenge to the Crimson Tide gets hammered by the NCAA for doing the same things Bama gets away with...See Mississippi.
4 days
We should make Saban the Commissioner of College Football
Reply5 days
I would love that to happen when he hangs up his whistle.
5 days
Everyone "Wants Bama" until its a possible reality like UCF...and then "they cant make the schedule work." UCF was scared because if they loose to Bama then no way they will get in the playoffs. Saban understands the money comes from a quality product. He isnt scared to play big boys every year. But like he said, "I cant make them play us."
Reply6 days
I absolutely agree with Saban on this but there is the problem of the Reganomics “trickle down” aspect of it. The smaller non power 5 schools depend on the money from being cupcake opponents. Some Hebrew economics professor needs to figure out a way to make this happen and everyone wins financially.
Reply6 days
Hate this prick.
Reply6 days
sounds like a you problem.
4 days
What would the Pac12, Big 10, ACC and Big 12 do?
Reply7 days
Have you looked at an SEC schedule lately?
6 days
Nothing is stopping him from doing it, if he truly wants to do it. What's the athletic director at Alabama going to do? Tell him no? I understand why they aren't playing a full Power 5 schedule. But don't puff your chest out and complain about it when you're actually in a position to take the lead and do it.
Reply7 days
This midget has a 3 deep roster and still wants his hand held?
7 days
Agreed. Just lead by example. However he’s scared to do what he truly believes unless someone else does it?
7 days
Level playing field and lack of opponents that want to play Alabama. This isn't that hard.
7 days
The P5 school would have to break away from the NCAA for this to happen. So unfortunate it’s never gonna happen
Reply7 days
I completely agree. It’s time for the P5 schools to step up and create a league that’s in line with the fans’ interests.
Reply7 days
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