Lane Kiffin Trolls Cam Newton's 'Dabbing' W/ Pic Of Son
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports
Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin trolled former Auburn QB Cam Newton after the Crimson Tide's Iron Bowl win with this pic of his son dabbing on the field at Jordan-Hare Stadium...
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Gumbo199 months
I wonder if his kids will see what a douche bag their father was. After what he did to Tennessee and the SEC in general, I was surprised Saban would hire Kiffin. I thought Saban had more class than to hire Kiffin but I am proven wrong.
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LSUTigers945899 months
Interesting his kid is named Knox, hope that aint short for Knoxville bc them motherfrickers still hate Kiffin
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Chadaristic99 months
"Ain't lane a little old for this type shite?"

Yes, that's what makes him Lane Kiffin.
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Dalfy1599 months
I came in expecting a way different kind of dabbing.
Surely I'm not the only one.
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CAD703X99 months
dem socks
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1999 months
Ain't lane a little old for this type shite?
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auzach9199 months
Cam would slap the shite outta lane
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GeauxToBed99 months
What is "dabbing"?
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