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Florida State head coach Mike Norvell has reportedly agreed to a new "enhanced contract" to remain in Tallahassee, the school announced Friday.

The new contract likely means that Norvell is no longer a candidate for the Alabama job. Per CBS Sports:

Florida State and head football coach Mike Norvell have agreed to a new contract in the midst of the Seminoles boss being tied to the Alabama coaching search, essentially removing Norvell from consideration to leave for the Crimson Tide. Details of the "enhanced" extension aren't yet official but ESPN reports it will be eight years and pay Norvell more than $10 million annually. Norvell previously signed a contract extension prior to the 2023 season, but after going 13-1 this past fall, he's set to receive yet another salary increase.

Norvell has a 69-32 record in his career as a coach with a 31-17 mark at Florida State after the ACC championship-winning season in 2023. The Seminoles have improved their win count every year under Norvell's guidance, going from three wins in 2020 to five in 2021 before jumping to 10 wins in 2022 and 13 this past year. It was Florida State's first ACC title since 2014 and first New Year's Six bowl appearance since 2016.
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Rex Feral2 months
Is this the ACCrant now?
user avatar
theCAW2 months
Alabama and uga are now FSU’s biggest rivals to actual powerhouse level. Not uf or UM. It’ll just be a Nikki Haley loving proxy war. Bama and uga play as UF only with balls and contacts. Fsu has never experienced this they’re so used to Florida just rolling over on this
user avatar
EvilJimbo2 months
That squeal you hear is the death of a million simps slowly dying in gainsville.
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RECConspiracy2 months
Jimmy Sexton got him him paid, but the door closed right after when DeBoer accepted Bama.
user avatar
RTRcdub2 months
Lol that’ll be a steep buyout in a few years
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Nobody wanted that pussy
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