Appearing on The Dan Patrick Show, former college head coach Rick Neuheisel criticized Nick Saban for how he managed the end of Saturday's Tennessee game...

“Not only does he recruit the best talent, but he manages games extremely well,” Neuheisel said. “You have to run the ball at the end of that game. You have to run the ball and not only try to get a few more yards for your kicker, you have to make Tennessee use their timeouts. Without those timeouts, Tennessee can’t get themselves back into field goal range.”
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Lynxrufus201218 months
Real easy for a second rate coach to second guess. Saban didn't drop that pass. Give credit to UT for scoring in 15 seconds.
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Billy Mays18 months
Everyone knows he's just an average gameday coach - obviously the GOAT coach pregame.
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Luckydog18 months
Very true
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3down1018 months
I would have liked to see some runs. Yeah, guy dropped it. But that's exactly why you run it. All that's left now is the what if's.
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ImBatman18 months
I love me some Crimson Tide tears.
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75503Tiger18 months
You are unemployed as a coach, Rick, with 0 NC. Stfu
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Morpheus18 months
Thanks Rick, we will let you know when Nick needs your seat behind the Desk.
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atltiger648718 months
the drop by the Bama receiver lost that game. Easy catch, and it would've been first down at about the 20. Bama runs a few times up the middle, makes UT burn their timeouts, runs the clock down to 1 second, and kicks a 30-35 yard FG to win. The drop killed Bama.
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EulerRules18 months
But...but...he dropped the ball because he wasn't coached correctly. If a receiver doesn't catch the ball, then it must be the coaches fault. No one is responsible for their own actions or what they say. This is 2022.
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brass2mouth18 months
Nothing like a coaching session from the mastermind that is Rick Neuheisel…
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DeafVallyBatnR18 months
Seems like the only way Saban loses is when he needs a field goal.
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He is right. Nick should have overruled BoB on his calls. Then again if #1 Gibbs catches that pass instead of dropping it, he may have scored at least inside the Vols 20.

Congrats to 10RC on a big win.
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