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Thought the SECr would get a kick out of LSU fans on the CFL set today.

MightyYat LSU fan610/24 1:51 pm
by GooseSix

You can't spell Bo Wallace

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lsudat10 LSU fan2610/24 1:50 pm
by TheNorthPlace

cheering when you have the ball

Jagd Tiger mizzou fan710/24 1:42 pm
by madmaxvol

Bama fan taunts police, gets arrested

LordByron Auburn fan510/24 1:38 pm
by auburnu008

Who will be blamed when LSU pulls off the upset over Ole Miss Sat night?

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TigerFan244 LSU fan2510/24 1:14 pm
by LigerFan

Nkemdiche is about to meet Buga Nation

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Run DMC LSU fan2510/24 1:11 pm
by Carolina_Girl

LSU has lost their last 3 as home underdogs at night?

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bigpapamac USoA fan3210/24 12:45 pm
by JJ27

This game has WAOM written all over it

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SwayzeBalla Olemiss fan9610/24 12:45 pm
by MaroonNation

A synopsis of Tennessee football futility.

Patton Columbia fan1510/24 12:41 pm
by DaveyDownerDawg

Worse Love Affair?

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Hobnail Georgia fan4210/24 12:29 pm
by Foolish cock

PFF grades the 2014 NFL 1st rounders (SEC style)

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beatbammer Auburn fan6110/24 12:15 pm
by broeho

Geaux to Hell Ole Miss

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WeeWee LSU fan4210/24 12:00 pm
by dwr353

This game really is Ole Miss's Super Bowl

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goldennugget ULM fan2910/24 11:53 am
by DMagic

Rank your game viewing preference for SEC games this weekend

Cheese Grits Vandy fan1710/24 11:41 am
by 12

Bad Bo will come out to play Saturday.

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Riseupfromtherubble USA fan3010/24 11:40 am
by heartbreakTiger

Does Kentucky Have Fans to Grind?

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A. Dixon Your Face MissSt fan4510/24 11:34 am
by JDHLaw


beHop Olemiss fan1410/24 11:27 am
by beHop

Auvurn and Alabam both lead College Football with 13 game home winning streaks

BamaDoc14 Nova fan510/24 11:21 am
by Rabern57

More passing yards this weekend: Mett or Bo?

BallstotheWesleyWall Olemiss fan510/24 11:05 am
by TDsngumbo

A&M, Ole Miss, who gets the next national title?

Tigerfan56 LSU fan410/24 10:39 am
by CGSC Lobotomy

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