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Would anyone be mad if Bobo came back as OC? - Shockley03
I know it won't happen, but would you be happy with it? I would....
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Who does UGA go after? - Shockley03
Kirby? Chip Kelly? Tressel? Ditka?...
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re: So There's A Good Chance We Go 10-3 - Shockley03
The problem with Richt is we know what he can accomplish. That's a 9-10 win season, 2nd in the East, and a huge letdown in the 2-3 huge games each year. Hell, Richt is a genius when it comes to winning games that don't matter. That's the only time you can expect a Richt team to perform at 100%....
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New Coaches What If... - Shockley03
What if UGA gets rid of Richt and cleans house? We get Kirby Smart after getting denied by our first option or two. He brings in Bobo and Muschamp as coordinators. We keep McClendon and Thomas Brown and start our basis of our coaching staff filled with alumni. Would anyone like this situation or no?...
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re: Open jobs - Shockley03
I would have to put USCw and UGA as 1a and 1b, respectively. Obviously, each school would want a coach with ties to their region. USCw has more history, tradition, etc., but UGA offers a better program at its current state. You inherit one of the best RBs in the nation more than likely along with th...
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Our fan base is a bunch of pessimists - Shockley03
Why are we so afraid to fire a head coach? Everytime the fire Richt bus starts up for good reason, everyone is afraid we won't find another coach "as good as Richt." First, let's define what being "as good as Richt" really means. We haven't won a championship of any sort in 10 years. Since winnin...
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re: Some people still don't get it - Shockley03
That time with Richt left in 2012. That was his chance to go out on top. He was 5 yards short with arguably the best team UGA has ever put on the field. The only other team to be able to compete talent wise with 2012 is 2007. Richt has assembled two of the best teams ever seen at UGA and he found a ...
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Tud - Shockley03
Is it just me, or did Tud make our OL look way better than we thought they were? I've watched the past few Rams games, and Tud is creating holes for himself and finding holes barely a foot wide. St. Louis still has one of the worst OLs in the league, but Tud is destroying defenses....
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re: OT: Conceal carry gunman takes down criminal - Shockley03
The only problem I have with guns is that it takes a bad situation and makes it even worse. Crimes that warrant just years in prison are costing people their lives. In the America we live in today, conceal carry is a just law and does save innocent lives. I believe we should take steps towards tryin...
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It's been a while since I've been posted here - Shockley03
Im going to go ahead and give my two cents about this season. [b]Coaching[/b] Mark Richt's time in Athens is over. He's been our coach for 15 years and the last trophy he won (not counting bowl games) was 10 years ago. He had his best shot in 2012 and found a way to blow a lead. His teams consta...
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re: Brendan Douglas - Shockley03
Didn't Douglas fumble in multiple games two years ago which helped UGA lose both games? I love the kid for his heart, but he isn't good enough to be a feature back. Michel went over 100. I dont know why you think ROWK should get more carries....
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re: GURLEY A M'FRICKIN' RAM .... - Shockley03
Stacey got traded the 2nd day of the draft....
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re: No love for Chubb? - Shockley03
[quote]1. Leonard Fournette, LSU: Arguably the most physically-gifted running back in the SEC — not only now, but for years — Fournette didn’t put together a complete season as a true freshman, but he dazzled enough to produce one heck of a season highlight video. He still managed five 100-yard game...
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re: SEC national championships across all sports - Miss St = ZERO - Shockley03
[quote]Alright, yea, time to remove Equestrian from these lists. There are 18 Division 1 equestrian schools. GTFO with that counting the same as any other sport title.[/quote] An Alabama fan talking about the validity of a title. That's rich! :lol: :lol: :lol:...
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re: If you could assemble a coaching staff of all time greats, what would it look li - Shockley03
UGAs would be... HC - Mark Richt OC - Mike Bobo DC - Erk Russell...
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re: WBB : Vols 77 @ Notre Dame 88 | Cocks 77 Gators 42 | Cocks now 18-0. - Shockley03
Can we go ahead and call them Lady Cocks?...
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re: Who do you consider your best alumni in the NFL? - Shockley03
1. Justin Houston 2. AJ Green 3. Matt Stafford 4. Geno Atkins 5. Thomas Davis...
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re: 5 star wide receivers in the last decade..stars, busts, and in between: - Shockley03
[quote]Marlon Brown[/quote] Definitely should be in the mixed column. Didn't have a great college career, but came on late and was up for a solid senior season until a nasty injury. He had 8 TDs in his rookie season, but battled for the 4th/5th WR spot at Baltimore this season. ...
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