There's been much talk about Reggie Bush getting his Heisman Trophy taken away versus Johnny Manziel not getting his taken away despite the illegal things he did. This weekend, Manziel let everyone know where he stands...
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ElTigreFuego10 months
He’s right
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YardEngr1110 months
This guy just needs to keep his mouth shut. No one cares about him anymore. . . . . a has been.
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BabyTac10 months
Johnny drinking on a Sunday. Get ‘em!
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FLTech10 months
Johnny whote Reggie black it’s racist!!
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cajunmud10 months
They didn't actually go to Reggie's house and confiscate it did they? If he gave it to them, he did it voluntarily, huh?

You ain't coming in my house for a glass of water...haha.
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Drizzt10 months
I think the solution is to take away Manziel’s Heisman too. #justice
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LSUNV10 months
It is a damn shame someone that played College football, won a Heisman trophy and still doesn’t know how the system works.
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6R1210 months
Yea but this younger generation will not keep anything a secret now, even if you pay them $500,000. More and more will come out.
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Geaux Guy10 months
I don’t think the NCAA has anything to do with the Heisman. We’re not starting the continuous string of Johnny Manziel topics and activities again are we?
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Quatre Pot10 months
NCAA didn’t take it and can’t give it back. Has to be the Heisman that gives it back

Agree it was bull though
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