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Jana Lawrence, a 46-year-old local woman, allegedly spent the night exposing herself to and molesting customers at both establishments while they were watching the SEC Championship Game. This is a list of the things that Lawrence — who told police she had recently been released from prison — allegedly did at each location...

Yelling and using profanities (El Jinete)

Exposing her breasts to other customers (El Jinete)

Licking one of the female customers as well as “rubbing” on her (El Jinete)

Sitting at the bar with her butt exposed (Friends)

Licking a customer’s arm tattoo and playfully rubbing his penis (Friends)
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lsualum01135 months
Wnhi but still better than being teabagged at the Chik fil a
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Ignignot135 months
this is awesome
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rloyde43135 months
Stay Classy Tuscaloosa.
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HeadSlash135 months
She was just being friendly
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TwoDatBait135 months
Another Gump, Keeping it classy......
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YogaPants135 months
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Cadello135 months
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Kong135 months
Another Classy Gump, where do they keep coming from.
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LSUTiger205135 months
Hell no that isnt Tammy. Tammy isnt near that bad lookin
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Flame Salamander135 months
sorry for partying...
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bayoucook135 months
Hey, is that Tammy from the FBaum show?
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PsychTiger135 months
OT neg 1 billion
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stonedbegonias135 months
Not legit.
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