Thursday morning the fellas on Tim Bryant's radio show in Athens, Ga. got to talking a bit about Tennessee coach Derek Dooley. But before they knew it Barbra Dooley, his mom, showed up at the station. Mamma Dooley said...

"You've got Mama's rile up now, buddy,'' Barbara Dooley said on the air after driving to station WGAU-AM during the discussion that included (by telephone) Andrew Gribble of the News Sentinel and Dave Hooker of"

"I want you to listen about my baby,'' she said after joining the program.

"You have to hurry,'' responded Bryant, "because we've got a congressman standing by.''

"Well,'' said Dooley, "he can just wait. Football is important.''
She apparently thought she heard someone say her son was on the "hot seat" at Tennessee. What was really said was that he is "NOT" on the hot seat. Hilarious. This is like the movie "Airheads," except change out Steve Buscemi for Barbra Dooley...

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AlaTiger149 months
She was on the Finebaum show last year and I think that she really liked hearing herself talk. She must want more attention. Really sad. I wonder if there is something wrong with her.
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LSUGradATL149 months
This is like the 3rd or 4th time she has gone on radio to defend the little baby.
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TopWaterTiger 149 months
this won't help the mamma's boy
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