West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen ripped the school's fans for their poor attendance of 46,600 against Bowling Green on Saturday for Homecoming, a game WVU won 55-10. As he he gives his opinion he compliments LSU, calling them an "elite program." Watch it here. Otherwise, here's a bit of his rant...

“You only get seven opportunities a year,” “What’s so hard about it? It’s too cold? Wasn’t too cold for our players. Wasn’t too cold for our coaches or managers or trainers; they’re out there. So why did we have 20,000 people less at this one than we did last week?”

“The funny thing about it is we’re all talking two weeks ago about how much difference the fans and the crowd’s going to make to the LSU people. Well, LSU played well in front of 62,000 of our people and then turned around and went home and played a [Ed: 2-2] Kentucky team at noon and [they] have 95,000 people there. You want to talk about an elite program, that’s one of them. I don’t know about this place.”
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hondapa26149 months
that won't get him too far. Dude is a crybaby...That is all. Everytime they show him on TV during a game, he is flipping his shite and throwing tantrums.
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INFIDEL149 months
Yeah, it's a compliment I guess, but LSU had a lot of no shows for that 1130 game as well.

Holgerson won't get far calling out his fans like that, either.
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makinskrilla149 months
see you saturday coach! lol
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FLtiggah149 months
still 25000 more than WVU
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miketiger149 months
Didn't LSU have 16,000 no shows?
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2geaux149 months
They aren't an SEC caliber program.
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Spankum149 months
this dude better watch his shite....with an attitude like that, those hillbillies will run him out of town with quickness as soon as he gives them a half way decent reason...
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jdrumdog149 months
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Sid in Lakeshore149 months
This guy will not last long, IMHO.
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foshizzle149 months
To be fair, the players are warmed up by the exercise and the coaches are paid to be there. The fans pay to be there. Big difference.

OTOH, LSU will have 90+ thousand to watch Western Kentucky as well.
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