The Ole Miss student section made it rain, literally, after a home run hit by senior first baseman Matt Snyder during Friday’s game against the number one ranked Florida Gators. The fans call it the “Home Run Shower.” Watch it here. Ole Miss went on to beat Florida 3-0.
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cleetus143 months
seriously? which of you got butthurt over people celebrating? lol

U Ole Pissers stole this from LSU. We have been doing this after every touchdown in the student section for centuries, cept its tens of thousands of dranks....with more booze....thrown AND schlurpped. Quit trying to act like Ole Piss fans suddenly have a decent party attitude. U will never be Cajun. U? will never rip shite up like we do down in Da Boot! Quit imitatin' !! Be your whitebread, uppity selves. Ya freekin school UP NAWRTH !!!

NRatCat 5 hours ago"
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SM6143 months
That was pretty cool, especially because they just knocked off the No. 1 team in the land
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lsu480143 months
That is actually pretty cool
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ScottieP143 months
OMAHA - Ole Miss At Home Again!!!
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ForeverLSU02143 months
What happened? Did someone give them directions to Omaha or something?
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