While discussing the sanctions handed down to Penn State by the NCAA, Sports agent Ralph Cindrich decided to destroy Nick Saban. According to Don Kausler Jr. of, Cindrish said...

“No one’s watching them,” “You want to know who’s watching them? Nick Saban. You want to trust Nick Saban? I have enough on Saban right now – and I realize this stuff gets out, and I also realize the truth is a defense. I know what goes on in college football, so cut me a break. … Everybody has something on Nick Saban, for God’s sake. And if he has a problem with anything I say, come on after me, big guy.”

Cindrich went on to say that anyone who thinks thousands of dollars aren’t being given to college players every Saturday is “naive.” When asked why the NCAA has never done anything about it, he said it’s because Saban doesn’t want to lose his $7 million salary — only $5 million of which “we know about.” In other words, it’s all a complicated scheme that Saban is in on.

“Oh, come on,” Cindrich said when asked if Alabama players are being paid. “The statute of limitations has probably run as far as any criminality was involved to what I was relating to Saban, but I was involved in it. I know what he tried to do. I know what he tried to cover up. If he wants to stand up and say something, I’ll bring that up. If it’s out of time, I’ll go to the nearest agent I know, and I’ll bring up about a dozen things that are in time, because that’s the way he and most of the big-time schools, particularly in the SEC, operate.”
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rileytiger139 months
Its back to the old SEC thing? Big 10, how many schools are on probation?
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2TIGERBOYS139 months
the true is finally out about Nick Baby!!
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Bama98139 months
I sure hope I can sleep well tonight
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Guava Jelly139 months
A perspective buyer?

Also, if you are trying to say that Nicky doesn't buy players you're either being disingenuous or you're a moron.
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Tiger Nation 84139 months
If you don't think Ingram, Richardson, and Julio weren't delivered players you don't know anything about college football!!
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SmackDaniels139 months
I've never heard of the guy but Tim Brando said he's a standup guy this morning...fwiw
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jonanthans139 months
everybody has something on everybody in college football
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bdnc139 months
what a blowhard and boy, you can really trust an agent. reminds me of a used car salesman, who told a perspective buyer that "he wouldn’t lie to him, that it was part of the condition of his parol."
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