In Petrino's accident report, released on Thursday by state police, Petrino was not cited for his motorcycle crash, but is faulted for the accident that occurred on a rural highway about 20 miles southeast of Fayetteville. The report also says...

"Petrino was with former Arkansas volleyball player and Razorback Foundation fundraiser Jessica Dorrell. Petrino, who is married with four children, didn't mention he had a passenger during a news conference earlier this week."
And here she is...

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The report says Dorrell wasn't taken to a hospital after the accident. Petrino was hospitalized, but has since returned to practice.

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Mr. Shankly147 months
Is she married? Looks like a wedding band on her finger...not that it matters I guess. Nice job Bobby...married and four kids...nice job!
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Bayou Bengal 72147 months
Bobby P is in big trouble because:

1) He lied about being alone on his "hog" (pun intended)
2) His passenger is a new hire (March 28th) to the football staff as a Student Athlete Development Coordinator. She was formerly a fund raiser for the Razorback Foundation.
3) His own words that he had an "inappropriate relationship".

I also read this post on an SEC forum which came from "Hogville" originally.

When you are an offensive genius, you get a job in the NFL. When you get a job in the NFL, you lose games. When you lose games, you take a job at Arkansas. When you live in Arkansas, you get bored. When you get bored, you go looking for strange. When you go looking for strange, you find strange. When you find strange, you take it for a ride on your motorcycle. When you take strange for a ride on your motorcycle, she reaches around and grabs your junk. When she grabs your junk, you wreck your motorcycle. When you wreck your motorcycle, you end up at a press conference in a neck brace. Don't end up at a press conference in a neck brace...switch from cable and upgrade to DirecTV.
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rileytiger147 months
OT 6 at best!
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JLU28147 months
my guess is she gave him a reach around and screwed it all up when he wrecked
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TexasTiger1228147 months
Look at her photos and tell anyone he isn't hitting that stuff. Knocking the back out of it ....
user avatar
TheCaterpillar147 months
lol he's hittin that
user avatar
SG_Geaux147 months
Just giving her "rides" to thank her for her fundraising efforts.
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