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Bayou143 months
A step in reverse. I'd be disappointed if I were a Rbacks fan
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Tiger inTampa143 months
Looks like Louisville and Cincinatti can just swap logos when they tear theirs up. What's with Nike and Under Armor adding Black to everybody's school colors? Hey Swoosh douches If everbody has it it "aint" unique.
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jrous19143 months
i like the colors but not the font of the numbers. take off the sleeves and have some red running down the sides of the jersey and pants and they might have something.
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Pankins143 months
even the guy wearing it looks like he thinks they suck ...he is correct
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BowFlexLA143 months
Check out the video

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Francis Marion143 months
They'll look good catching a beat down in those, might even give a mercy knee at home!
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bgtiger143 months
Hi Boise, nice SEC logo.
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