Speechless. Darren Rovell of ESPN posted a picture on Twitter of a Texas A&M Ken doll...

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KAVandy05130 months
Know how I know it's not an Ole Miss cheerleader?
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Three-n-Snout130 months
They really maxed out the ghey meter with this one....
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ShaneTheLegLechler130 months
Rovell so butthurt that Johnny owned him in public
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im4LSU130 months
"First Ken doll that is anatomically correct, like the Aggies it has no balls."

I feel like this comment is underrated.

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SwaggerCopter130 months
This is ancient news. Like months old.
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olgoi khorkhoi130 months
Should be riding unicorns, imo
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TigerintheNO130 months
First Ken doll that is anatomically correct, like the Aggies it has no balls.
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Tiger022130 months
I'd be embarrassed if there was an LSU man Barbie.
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Woverw130 months
OH! Taaaaawiffic!
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Bread Orgeron130 months
Super fabulous!!
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pellietigersaint130 months
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Fireman17130 months
OK A&M needs stop with male cheerleaders.. Time for them step up there game and get some chicks on the sidelines if they want to stay in the SEC.
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CaptainPanic130 months
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