Everyone is pretty high on Bama running back Trent Richardson going into Thursday's NFL draft. Everyone except arguably the greatest running back in NFL history, Jim Brown. In an interview with ESPN radio Brown said...

“I’m not overwhelmed with it,” Brown said of the idea that the Browns could take Richardson. “The problem is that he’s ordinary. I think he’s ordinary.”

Asked what about him is ordinary, Brown said, “the size, the speed, his moves.”

Asked if any running backs in this year’s draft impress him, Brown said, “Not really. It’s not a good year, obviously.”
You agree?
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keene144 months
Jim was a great athlete in his time. I would imagine the average player topped out around 6'l" and 225lbs during his playing days. Look at what we have today. I don't think many people really care what Jim thinks and that is probably part of his problem. Believe he has had a few other "problems" to go along with that.
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thatdude1985144 months
ahahha, keyboard warriors, could do what Trent does...anytime...and Jim Brown is a racists a-hole, who wants to be the best that Cleveland has every seen...hes gonna talk shite about any RB drafted.....hes a bitter sad old racists man.
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Ostrich144 months
He's definitely the best RB in this draft by a wide margin. But he shouldn't be considered an all time great prospect like Adrian Peterson & Co.
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cardee2003144 months
I agree. AP was the last great back in the draft
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jp90144 months
I am a fan of trent. he's talented, works hard, and seems like a standup guy. That being said he didn't impress me much when he played LSU both times. I'm not sure if our defense was THAT good or if he couldn't handle the stage.
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rileytiger144 months
Lol! Richardson is the real deal IMO and I am too an LSU fan.
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Russianblue144 months
jim is a moron. this from an LSU fan.
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SOL144 months
I agree with Jim
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ready4something144 months
yeah. trent got away with it...Cuz he is playing with boyz. but he won't get away with that in the pros.
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