Georgia is going to wear pink helmets for a game next year, apparently. The school hasn't officially announced it yet, but QB Aaron Murray posted this pic of a pink Bulldogs helmet...

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Then Murray said...

“Ready for our Pink out game next year”
Doesn't look pink as much as it looks like a helmet that's been sitting on my dashboard for three years.

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SM6144 months
WOAH Stephen OMalley. You MAD bro.

BTW - Thank you to all the oncologists out there, especially at the Mayo Clinic in Minn. :bow:
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stephendomalley144 months
giving money to "cancer research" is helping to spread cancer. ever since we declared war on cancer, the incidence of cancer has increased dramatically every year.

these sorry b*****rds not only give you cancer with fluoride and heavy metals in water, food, vaccines, which also contain cancer, but also then slowly poison you to death, stealing what little quality time you have left, and rob your family of your financial assets while they do it.

these cancer doctors know what they do doesn't work. Health and nutrition prevent cancer and help to fight it.

support of all these sorry anti-cancer organizations is like the turkey supporting thanksgiving. the cancer industry is made of vampires, sucking lives and money from poor folks who trust them.
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jdutto3144 months
Why are there already dog bone stickers?
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trilltiger144 months
That helmet was on ebay. Its a schutt air advantage shell with schutt youth foam padding.
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Lime Cat144 months
You don't have a dashboard...
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YMCA144 months
I hate Georgia but I hate cancer more so good for the bulldogs.
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