Former Auburn basketball player Kyievarez “Varez” Ward has been charged with conspiring with gamblers to throw games during the 2011-12 college basketball season. Ward was suspended midway through the 2012 season as the FBI investigated him for point-shaving.

Ward faces two bribery-related counts for “commerce to influence, in any way, by bribery a sporting contest, with knowledge that the purpose of such scheme was to influence by bribery.” The indictment does not name any co-conspirators.

The two games in question are a January 25, 2012 loss to Arkansas and a 68-50 loss to Alabama on February 7, 2012.
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tigernation56130 months
yep and they run such a clean program
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Random LSU Hero130 months
It seems like every single sport at Auburn is dirty as frick
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Hook Em Horns131 months
let me get this straight. an auburn BASKETBALL player is involved in point shaving?? LOL. These bookies need a better hobby.
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fightingtigers98131 months
Auburn has issues
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Run DMC131 months
War Eagle
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