Supposedly new Arkansas football coach Bret Bielema met his wife Jen Bielema at a blackjack table in Las Vegas. Interesting. Even more interesting is this pic of Jen in Vegas this past weekend...

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Tomcat132 months
I hate to say this but it looks like he recruits better than Frank Wilson
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gamecocks22132 months
Heels eh?
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Captain Ron132 months
Bielema must suffocate her when he's on top..
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lsuroadie132 months
Attention whore at the very minimum
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SDTiger15133 months
Strong chance she is getting railed by recruits on the reg...
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mograyback133 months
Previous arky coach cheated on wife.

Current arky coach will/does get cheat on.

That skank is a gold diggin' whore.
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Porter Osborne Jr133 months
He could coach for James Franklin, that's for sure.
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Dingeaux133 months
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SaintLSUnAtl133 months
Good for him!
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MThawg133 months
Very nice!
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oddballg133 months
That is one itty bitty bottom. suuhheeyy
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Woverw133 months
Wow! When is Bielema gonna have time to couch . . . errr . . . coach?
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