Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany ripped Alabama for making the BCS National Championship Game despite not winning its conference championship or the SEC division title. Delany said in an interview with the Associated Press...

“I don’t have a lot of regard for that team,” “I certainly wouldn’t have as much regard for that team as I would for someone who played nine conference games in a tough conference and played a couple out-of-conference games on the road against really good opponents." “If a poll doesn’t honor those teams and they’re conference champions, I do.”
Bama plays Michigan at Cowboys Stadium on Sept. 1.
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Boisehater146 months
So some of y'all are saying that the two best teams in the country shouldn't play in the national championship and the the third best team that lost to a 6-7 team that was unranked should go to the NC yeah that makes a ton of sense
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German Shepard146 months
Rematches happen all the time in sports, that is correct. But those who use the NFL as an example should think again. The NFL never matches two teams from the same conference in the Super Bowl. You should have to win your conference to get in the BIG game.
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ezraman1146 months
Sorry, I love the SEC and it probably was the best two teams in the NC game but BAMA should not have played in that game, period. Neither should have Oklahoma in 2003. I just believe regardless of who you think is the best, you should not play for NC (under the current format) if you didnot win your conference ESPECIALLY if you lost to that winner already in the season or champ game!! Call is sour grapes, fine, but I would feel the same way if tables were turned on LSU or any other team/conference, period. OSU should have gotten THEIR shot.
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harmonics146 months
Hey Big Ten Commish. Alabama doesn't have to apologize for anything. The BCS put them in the game and they won it, that is that. Criticize the BCS all you want, I get that, but don't chastise Alabama for being there. Hate the system, not the teams it effects.
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CalcoTiger146 months
i think it should be like the baseball. NC

If you have lost to the team before you should have to beat them twice for the NC.

If LSU had beaten Bama then Bama should have had to beat us twice for the championship because any way you cut it we are 1-1 with Bama last year.

Let them have to get up for a team they beat before.

Then we would have had a true champion last year.

If Bama beats us twice then they are the true champion.

Bama people like to say they should of beat us in the first game but we should have played better on offense in the second.

As usual Bama gets special treatment and their coach went on all fours to get there and no telling how many espn guys got BJ's.
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JOJO Hammer146 months
The 2 best teams in the country played for the NC, the BCS did its job.....Rematches happen all the time in sports.....It's time to move on and get over it
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TIGERFANZZ146 months
If you aren't the BEST in your conference-especially when the team that is beat you AT YOUR PLACE-then you shouldn't play for a National Championship. osu DESERVED to be in the BCS NC game, bama didn't.
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TheCaterpillar146 months
LSU played Oregon at neutral site and WVU on the road last year in addition to Bama, Arky, and UGA.

And we beat them all.
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LagdonCG146 months
Bama won..end of story....they beat the hell out of my Tigers...get over it Big Ten
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LSUNO12010146 months
TigerintheNO, Penn State lost a lot of players from the year before so it wasn't the traditional Penn State powerhouse team Bama played. I agree otowntiger, with LSU's conference and non conference schedule, they deserved much more respect than what they received from the BCS. Last years team accomplished what very few have accomplished in college football history and could have been one of the greatest teams ever. Hopefully a 4 team playoff will eliminate the mental aspect of having to play the same team twice.
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TigerintheNO146 months
"played a couple out-of-conference games on the road against really good opponents."

Didn't Bama beat Penn State on the road last year?
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otowntiger146 months
I agree with him. Although LSU should have beaten Alabama, but really in all honesty Bama shouldn't have had the opportunity to beat us again. It was unfair to LSU to say the least.
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