Best. Bachelor party. Ever. A group of Tennessee fans were enjoying their bachelor party after Saturday's game against Florida when they go to Steak 'n Shake and run into Gator players. So, they challenged them to arm wrestle...


We had a group of 11 of us travel to Gainesville for a bachelor party. All of us are in our late 20s to late 30s, athletic for our ages, but still basically well past our primes and lift beer bottles more than we do weights these days. As painful as the loss was on Saturday night, we were going to rally and have a good night for our buddy which, for the most part, we did. The hotel we stayed at was about five miles from campus and had a Steak ‘n Shake basically in the parking lot that we ended up in each night. After a night of drinking downtown and enduring the pity looks, sketchy cab rides, and some taunts as one would expect from Gator Nation, we go in at about 3:00am and there are eight or nine of us left to eat. The restaurant was basically empty save for a couple people sitting at the counter and a booth of four that were not football fans. Soon after we sat down, three guys (safe to say they looked athetic and large enough to think they were “someone”) walk in and I notice the same basic looks we had gotten all night – the half smile, talking to their own while still keeping an eye on us, and generally acting like: “Do we want to sit here?” about us. As they move, I tell them that “It’s OK, we’ve had the same looks all night but we’re over it for now and having a good enough night now.” One of our other buddies says “I don’t know, they look big enough to actually play for Florida” to which they reply “We do.”
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Prof105 months
Dang. Don't make me like those Florida guys, just don't. LOL. Props to those players and fans. Good fun is what it's all about.
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Masterag105 months
a $30k bar tab with hookers and blow waiting in an executive suite in Las Vegas is a great bachelor party, Larry. This, well this was a bit of fun.
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StarkvilleTigerFan105 months
Loos like all had great time-good sportsmanship!!!
user avatar
BradPitt105 months
I don't know what's lamer: the bachelor party or the friends for hosting such a gay arse bachelor "party"
user avatar
Dignan105 months
Bill Braskie had one hell of a batchelor party.
user avatar
Mouth105 months
"Best. Bachelor party. Ever"

you don't get out much do you Larry?
user avatar
RandySavage105 months
Butch should sign them up.
user avatar
GnashRebel105 months
I wish more people had this kind of good attitudes about sports.
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