Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze made a statement on the picture...

"I'm very aware of the picture and also when it was taken and where it was taken," Freeze said Monday, per Hugh Kellenberger of The Clarion-Ledger. "We test our entire team on our drug-testing policy at the beginning of the season and then we have our follow-up tests throughout the course of the year. I'm super confident we handled each one the same and we enforce our policy very consistently."


When you're on top, everyone wants to bring you down. This is supposedly a photo of Ole Miss star defensive end Robert Nkemdiche hitting a bong. It's hard to tell if it's actually him or when it was taken, but it is making the internet rounds. I'm sure we'll hear a comment from Ole Miss shortly...
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Rebel Land Shark107 months
Damn right it is
user avatar
DawgGone115 months
If Robert keeps this up, he will be serving the "White Folks" cocktails in the Grove.
user avatar
Pavoloco83115 months
Black people like dat weed. Now thats the troof.
user avatar
19116 months
I have no issue with this, he's a college student...geeezzzz.

Whoever took and shared that pic, however...
user avatar
Babboo116 months
You think he skips leg day?
user avatar
johnnydrama116 months
When you go to buy one the proper term is "Water Pipe."
From what I'm told.
user avatar
Pavoloco83116 months
Smoke weed every day.
user avatar
HailFreezusOver116 months
Can't prove it's not tobacco... But also most schools have a 3 strike policy... Either way Tennessee fans trying to get an advantage..
Stupid for getting photographed... Thats him and his hat....his hands are white because he has tatted arm sleeves.
user avatar
Ringeaux116 months
He asthmatic .....It's his inhaler.....;)
user avatar
horndog116 months
Its probably his first time. He probably didnt even inhale it.
user avatar
NastyTiger116 months
Shouldn't be illegal.
user avatar
AnonymousTiger116 months
Why does he have white man hands?
user avatar
UL-SabanRival116 months
Is not about morality. It's about the possibility of his being suspended for doing it. Keep your eyes on the ball, dude.
user avatar
Sid in Lakeshore116 months

Can the morality police just go away, please.
user avatar
PsychTiger116 months
Honey Badger says high.
user avatar
rlebl39116 months
I personally don't find it to be a big deal at all. But it is an illegal substance in Mississippi and a NCAA banned substance, therefore the law and the NCAA might find it a big deal. Who knows, probably nothing will come of this anyways.
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TOKEN116 months
Go fish
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Fins up116 months
Even if it turns out to be true... Is it really THAT big of a deal? Only 90% of kids his age try it. He's in college, on a undefeated football team that's constantly celebrating his and his teammates play. Do you think this doesn't happen in every college on the country?? Give me a break! He's got more talent in his bong hit than 98% of mankind has in their body!
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