Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports released Post-Spring College Football Ranking Of All 128 Teams this week and pegged LSU at No. 1 team. Here is what they had to say about the Tigers:

1. LSU (9-3)

2015 Final Season Ranking: 14
2015 Preseason Prediction: 9-3

You know how everyone was gushing over all the Ohio State players being taken throughout the 2015 NFL Draft? Next year it’s going to be LSU that keeps the pros stocked with fresh bodies, especially in the first round. The 2016 Tigers really are that good.

It might be hard to see considering how flaky they were last season, but this year they’re so deep, so talented, and so solid now that Les Miles survived his brush with coaching death that it should all come together in what should be a dream season.
Here is a look at CFN's top 10:

1. LSU (9-3)
2. Clemson (14-1)
3. Tennessee (9-4)
4. Alabama (14-1)
5. Ohio State (12-1)
6. Oklahoma (11-2)
7. Florida State (10-3)
8. Georgia (10-3)
9. Notre Dame (10-3)
10. Michigan (10-3)
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