Paul Finebaum Thinks Lane Kiffin Outcoached Nick Saban On Saturday
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On ESPN’s First Take this morning, college football analyst Paul Finebaum made everyone perk up when he claimed Ole Miss' Lane Kiffin outcoached Nick Saban on Saturday, even though Ole Miss lost to Alabama. He thinks that's why Saban accused Kiffin of stealing signs...

“The other night Lane Kiffin probably came closest (to being the first former Saban assistant to beat the Alabama coach), I mean he outcoached Nick Saban, but of course, he lost the game because he has maybe the worst defense I’ve ever seen in the SEC. But he has also one of the most explosive offenses I’ve ever seen.

“Alabama could not keep up with Ole Miss. I mean their defense was gassed, they didn’t know what was coming and it led Saban to, unfortunately, accuse his former pupil of stealing signals, even though Kiffin very intelligently responded, ‘Oh, we call the plays as the previous play has ended. So, that’s a non-starter.’ And yesterday, Saban very cautiously walked that one back.”
Do you agree?

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You think those two had butt sex back in the day?
Reply24 days
When things don't go Little Nicky's way he's always has an excuse !
Reply1 month
PAULLL is right actually.
Reply2 months
Finebaum doesn't know anything about Xs and Os. How would he even know what "out-coached" looks like?
Reply2 months
Turning into a young man’s offense game. Defenses suck right now until they figure out how to stop this new offense. WB play in SEC is better than ever too
Reply2 months
He was outcoached. Bama has way more talent.
Reply2 months
If Kiffin outcoached him, he would have won the game. I do think you have to ask the question though if the signs were stolen why would they be the same as they were when Kiffin is there? Why would you not change them?
Reply2 months
Really!!! Kiffin’s team gave up 60 points!!! Out coached come on
Reply2 months
Reply2 months
Gollum has lost all Gump access.
Reply2 months
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