It's one thing to take down the goal posts after a win, it's another to get it to fit in your apartment. This Ole Miss fan seems to have a great conversation piece when hosting guests...
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ForeverLSU02117 months
Can he be arrested for this? Seems like theft IMO
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HarryBalzack117 months
I'm surprised someone hasn't taken to eBay selling pieces of yellow pipe.
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HailFreezusOver117 months
He doesn't have to hide it, no one is coming for him. the AD and Head coach offered to have it cut for him. They just want a piece of it cut for them
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Kankles117 months
Things get adventurous when you wear a north face vest
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CajunAlum Tiger Fan117 months
Need to take it to the fire station and use the jaws of life to cut it into pieces
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SaintLSUnAtl117 months
I notice there are no chicks there....IJS
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heypaul117 months
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roguetiger15117 months
hahahaha thats awesome
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