Sometimes a better idea is not doing the idea that you originally came up with. For this Bulldogs fan that original idea was turning that song "All About That Bass" into an "All About That State" Mississippi State parody....

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SwaggerVance104 months
Larry, get a real job. You're bad at this one. This video is old.
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HarryBalzack104 months
Way to recycle crap, Larry. Pretty sure you posted this last year, too. You know, when they didn't completely suck.
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hawgfaninc104 months
"Published on Nov 11, 2014"

smh Larry. smdh.

that shite was posted almost a year ago.
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JustinT37104 months
They are going to be so disappointed by the end of the season.
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TNG8r104 months
Had to stop 30 seconds in... What a dip shite!
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GeauxTGRZ104 months
Shouldn't a chick be singing this?

Shitty campus.
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slinger1317104 months
That was painful to watch
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Yung_Humma104 months
Went to State for the first/only time this year and the beginning of the video driving through deserted curvy dark roads to get to Starkville looks about right
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killercoconut104 months
This guy is from LA and went to high school with me. Nice guy and I'm assuming it was a school project. Not my favorite video by any means but it is what it is.
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GnashRebel104 months
This again?
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Roovelroe104 months
Couldnt even make the first minute
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Dr. Morgus104 months
Aww, I think it's great that State is promoting one of their Special Ed student's videos...
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