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Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin has told reporters that QB Johnny Manziel will announce whether he’s going to enter the NFL draft prior to their bowl game.

“We haven’t had that conversation,” Sumlin said via “My job is to get him all the facts that we can get him. We’ll have that discussion after the Missouri game, certainly during the bowl preparation. I’m sure the announcement will be made at that time.”
You think he's gone?
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Martini123 months
They need to concentrate on keeping Sumlin and not worry about Johnny Feetball.

And I don't think he's pro material IMO.
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Doug Masters123 months
And I should care because......
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Ole Geauxt123 months
Didn't we have a coach "announce" before a bowl game not too, too long ago?
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Chicken123 months
He gone.
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PRK123 months
He's going to stay. Why would he announce leaving before the bowl game?
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