ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit Comments On The Lack Of SEC Defenses This Season
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So far this season, the SEC has been all offense and no defense. ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit shared his thoughts on the matter, per 247Sports...

“I think a bigger thing to take away for me, not just from that game but the entire weekend, is probably what a lot of people around the country are talking about … is what in the world has happened to the SEC’s defense,” Herbstreit said. “If this happened in the Big 12, which it does every week, we’d just roll our eyes and say, ‘Man, heck — is that great offense or bad defense?’ If you’re a Big 12 fan, you’d say, ‘It’s great offenses.’ If you’re kind of just an outside watching, you’re like, ‘Man, that’s hard to watch, the tackling.’ Well — Alabama 63, Ole Miss 48; Georgia put it on heavy against Tennessee, they scored 44 (to Tennessee’s 21); 41-38 with (Texas) A&M and Florida; Auburn was somewhat of a shootout (30-28); LSU-Missouri was 45-41.

“I mean, it’s bizarre to see this conference having these kinds of results and I think it’s a few things. David (Pollack) said that more and more guys like (Alabama offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian) and (Ole Miss head coach Lane) Kiffin are in the SEC, coaching offense. The overall trend of style of offense has changed over the last 5-to-7 years, that’s true. But I think it’s the COVID. I think it’s not having spring ball. I think it’s not having a normal summer. I think it’s not having a normal camp and hitting. I think it’s not having a normal week of practice. When you get ready to face an opponent, it’s more walkthrough, it’s more meetings. You’re not hitting people as much. …

“When I watched some of these SEC defenses, I just look at guys like (LSU sophomore cornerback Derek) Stingley right now — who’s a great talent — he has zero interest in tackling, zero interest for being accountable in that regard. And if your best players are doing that, that’s going to filter down.

“So I think it’s a combination of COVID, quarantine, style of practicing, not really buying in, not really caring as much as a group — because when you watch Clemson, you see buy in, you see what it’s supposed to be. I don’t even care who’s on the field. I don’t even care about the results. You just see guys flying to the football, taking pride in being there for each other, having each other’s back, hitting people, being sound with the gaps and then playing man to man and guys helping each other up. And I don’t know, man — the way I grew up, that’s how the defenses played football. And when I watch what’s going on, yeah, it’s great offense. Tough to defend. But these defenses, I can’t even imagine what it’s like watching film for them, because it’s embarrassing.”
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CanebreakCajun42 months
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Hootie42 months
He's wrong about Stingley. He could not effectively tackle because he was hurt. Rolled his ankle. Shouldn't have been on the field in that condition; he's no good to the defense in that condition.
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Placekicker42 months
Spot on...
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gamecockman1242 months
Not a fan of Herbie, but he's not wrong.
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