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Former Georgia running back and 1982 Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker recently spoke with TMZ Sports and talked about LSU's Leonard Fournette, who he says was better than him.

"He's better than I was," Walker says ... noting that Fournette is the clear frontrunner for the Heisman.

Herschel says he's extremely impressed with Fournette's athleticism AND his toughness -- "He's like a fullback because he can take punishment and keep on going."

"It's a bad idea to talk about leaving early, just wait and your time will come."
Thats high praise coming from a three time all-american.
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thats retarded. lsu hasnt had to play in the meat of their schedule... play someone with a defense and see if he puts up 200.
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He's just being polite. He knows he's the GOAT.
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Herschel is taking Chubb's assault on his records a bit too hard.
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